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How Does Fandoctor Work?

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Here you will find the most common causes and solutions to malfunction of your fan.

Despite the continuous improvements that are applied to the design of our fans, you can experience a problem with your fan. Possible causes are wear, changes in the production process, poor maintenance or imbalance. Sometimes you can find an cure the cause by yourself, other times you will need our experts to solve the problem.

The Fandoctor provides you with a checklist to solve or find out the most common

Most common symptoms of a faulty running fan:

  • vibration
  • sound
  • overheating
  • low air flow

On the left you will find the symptoms of malfunctioning fans. On each page the underlying Fandoctor puts a number of possible causes and explains the most common solution.

Mind you, the Fandoctor is no technical maintenance manual. See Fandoctor as a guide that guides you to find the causes of malfunctioning of your fan. This means that complex problems, their causes and their solutions are not included in the Fandoctor. Moreover, a failure can have multiple causes.

If you do not find the answer to your problem here, please contact us at +31 (0)13 542 50 02 or use our online contact form.