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Gas or air flows released after productionprocesses, should be stripped of substances that can be harmful to the environment or health.

For the dedusting of gases and filtering of air Naaykens offers' a wide range of filters and separators (cyclones). A distinction is made between:

  • Airfilters cleaned by compressed air
  • Mechanically cleaned filters
  • Stationary uncleaned filters
  • Mechanical separators

The typical filter for your business depends on your requirements, budget and production. Despite offering tips below may provide guidance in your choice.

When a grove separation has to be made between the particles and the gas, it is recommended, in many cases, to make use of a mechanical separator. Filters are often used to separate fine dust from the air. If there is continuous production (production flow), we advise you to choose an air filter cleaned with compressed air.

Filters that are not at a fixed location, but flexible to be used anywhere are also part of our production program. Thus we have already supplied filters used for blasting and painting of ships, bridges and pylons. These so-called portable filters are available as mechanical or compressed aircleaned filter, complete with fan.

All filters and dust collectors feature a dust extraction. This can, if desired, be provided with an electric drive.