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Replacement & Retrofit

Wear, upgrading or the high energyconsumption: each fan is needs replacement at a given time.

The archives of Naaykens’ do go back to the mid 50’s of last century. This means that we have all the details of our fans ever built. Thus Naaykens' is able to fully maintain, rebuild or replace fans  supplied in the past.

If a fan is to be replaced, we will fit on the existing piping and take into account the possible need for larger or smaller capacity.

When replacing fans we put in the knowledge and experience of our professionals. Our engineers can also manufacture / replace equivalent to original parts, which were earlier made by third parties. In such cases we often use a fan from our own program or - for example, if the original supplier does not exist anymore we build a copy of it.


Likewise, an old fan can be replaced by a new model that is equipped with the latest technologies. Think about:

  • the ATEX directives
  • higher efficiency
  • directly driven execution (frequency controlled) instead of V-belt driven.

Again, we have the fan through our extensive archive one on one can replace and fit can make the existing installation. The installation of additional piping is not required. Ask our specialists about the possibilities.